Best Mixer For Vodka On Keto

Best Mixer For Vodka On Keto

However, if you want to treat yourself, your best bet is to stick with vodka, gin, brandy, tequila, whiskey, or rum. The best are made from 100 percent agave, so be sure to check the label.

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Distilled spirits like vodka (we recommend tito's), rum, whiskey, and gin don't have any carbs.


Best mixer for vodka on keto. Vodka is low in calories, with a single fluid ounce having only 64 calories (see below). To answer the question of “is vodka keto friendly?”. Vodka contains 0 grams of net carbs.

Below you will find all the necessary nutrition facts about vodka you should know if you want to do a keto diet and have some vodka at the same time. Wine is much lower in carbs than beer, so most people on keto choose wine. Soda water & sparkling mineral water.

Soda water, also known as club soda, is an absolute go to as a mixer. For instance, pure forms of alcohol like whiskey, gin, tequila, rum and vodka are all completely free. Pure spirits like whiskey and vodka contain zero carbs.

And just because you start with unflavored vodka, doesn’t mean you can’t have big flavor in your. Nationally recognized nutritionist patricia bannan recommends the following simple way to enjoy a distilled spirit like vodka. Have 1 oz of your favorite hard liquor — vodka , tequila, rum, gin, or whiskey — and add a mixer like soda water or a flavored sparkling water (like lacroix or waterloo) for a drink with no calories, sugar, or carbohydrates.

Being on a low carb or keto diet can cause you to have a very low alcohol tolerance. If you are looking for a yummy low carb alcoholic drink that is refreshing and delicious then check this one out. What can i mix with vodka on a keto diet?

Use vodka in basic drinks: Tasty low carb sparkling watermelon vodka cocktail you will want to mix up today or should i say shake up in your cocktail shaker. Mio and vodka is delicious just like that, but for those that are less fond of the vodka taste, mix half sprite zero, half vodka, and mio to taste.

Everything else on this list), soda water can be used to dilute vodka’s bite while adding a little carbonation. The versatile star of your liquor cabinet. It’s also a common ingredient used in a ton of keto cocktail recipes since it can be paired with a lot.

Using a spoon or any kitchen tool that can be used to muddle, muddle the strawberries and stevia until it is mush. Best keto vodka recipe you will love! The best way to avoid the issue is to keep an eye on the balance of vodka to pineapple juice.

I would say… it deserves a passing grade, but remember drinking vodka on the keto diet can be an issue if you are drinking it with mixers that have carbs in them. Muddle fresh mint and cilantro leaves, cucumber slices. Three olives vodka is quadruple distilled and fits in well in a dry martini (no sugary mixers needed).

Enjoy with tonic or in a martini. If you like the taste of vodka or want to avoid sugary mixers (see also: Fill 3/4 of a glass with very cold dry white wine, top the remaining 1/4 with equally cold club soda.

Which is why i was super excited to receive a copy of keto happy hour, written by kyndra d. “vodka and the le croix” is a very acceptable option, although it can get boring. So, is vodka allowed on a keto diet?

If you end up with a lot of mixer and not much vodka, then the sweetness could easily get overbearing. Add the chopped up strawberries and liquid stevia to the bottom of a glass. A classic ingredient in daiquiris and mojitos.

Vodka is one of the lightest liquors with an average of 98 calories per 1.5 ounces and zero sugar. Kyndra is the author behind the amazing blog peace, love and low carb. Vodka mixes incredibly well with a variety of popular low carb mixer options (seltzer, club soda, diet soda, etc).

This x1000 pour vodka, add mio then put in water where you would have had mixer before. 🙂 i split the information into two separate tables which show only the facts and data that are interesting and relevant from the point of view of a keto diet (i.e. For more detail, check out the visual guide below.

As long as you avoid sugary mixers, you can enjoy your vodka in moderation without risking getting kicked out of ketosis. Keto sparkling vodka cocktail low carb. Vodka tonics, screwdrivers and martinis.

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