Can You Put An Air Conditioner In A Tent

Can You Put An Air Conditioner In A Tent

I have read about people using a typical “window unit” style air conditioner and the process is much more involved. With a portable unit, all that you need to do is put the unit in the tent, run the exhaust house outside and plug it in.

Install an Inwall Air Conditioner (With images) Central

Setting the a/c in a doorway is the easiest and safest method.


Can you put an air conditioner in a tent. Then you just need to build a little wooden stand for it to sit on, and put it up against a window or door of your tent. With good air flow your tent shouldn't be much hotter. Choosing the ac with low btw can prevent the tent to become too cold.

You should be able to comtrol the heat with just fans, not ac. I also built a tent ac that works very well. If your camping site has plug sockets available then you can use whatever air conditioner you have however, for a tent space of 150sq feet you’ll need to make sure your unit is at least 5000btu rated, to ensure it has the power to cool the tent.

You pour cold or iced water into a container then turn it on. This tent air cooler is really a combination of a fan and air conditioner. Herein, can you use a portable ac in a tent?

Temperature drops in nature can be pretty harsh, and anyway who doesn’t like a little comfort while they sleep. A window air conditioner can be set up in a window, through the wall or in the doorway of a tent. You could also use a portable air conditioner and vent.

However, installation can be a problem. Considering this, can you put ac in a tent? The other type of air conditioner that can be used with tents is a portable or freestanding air conditioner.

Where to put a tent air conditioner. Be sure to keep some frozen water bottles in your car or camping cooler so that you can keep this air conditioner running throughout the duration of your camping trip. It’s a kludgy way to do it, but it looks like it might actually work.

From walmart and some dryer vent hose! But the most recognizable option for a tent for a window air conditioner unit, no doubt the tent is not very insulated has small space. If you use a large window unit it means to cool a large room can overwhelm a tent with extra cold air.

An air conditioner seems like a lot of trouble, you cant use one with out venting the air exhaust somewhere. Yes, as long as your tent has an ac port you can use an air conditioner in a tent. Key requirements true tent air conditioner should have.

You need to customize your tent to fit the unit, for instance, cutting a hole in your window or mounting it through the doorway. On the other hand, here is a poster on popup explorer who added an a/c unit in a tent camper. Most tent campers prefer window air conditioners because they offer more cooling capacity at an affordable price.

This was all incredibly easy to set up, despite the weight of the unit. Portable air conditioners and spot coolers require a smaller vent for a tube to exit the tent. Obviously, you would like a mini portable air conditioner, but it must still be powerful enough to cool your tent.

As you can see in the picture here, you’ll need something to support your camping tent air conditioner and keep it off the ground. Free standing air conditioner and tents. How you can stay cool when plan to camping in a tent?

If its too hot why dont you just vent the hot air from your air cooled hood out the dryer vent? Setting up the air conditioner. Then you just need to build a little wooden stand for it to sit on, and put it up against a window or door of your tent.

The perfect tent air conditioner should be: Support stands for your camping tent air conditioner. Without the need for power outlets.

Since the tent has a small space and it is not very insulated, having a large unit to cool can submerge the tent with cold air. For 150 square feet of tent you will need a unit that is about 5000btu rated, any less and it will struggle to keep you cool. If your campsite is powered, almost any air conditioner will do the job as a tent air conditioner.

Click to see full answer. Each tank holds about a water bottle and. As with any tent sleeping experience, you will need to consider the airflow and ventilation for your air conditioner.

It’s a way to add an air conditioning unit to a popup camper. I used a cooler, cut two holes in it and put a. Figured out a way to cool my 1979 pop up camper.

Purchasing a small air conditioner is always advisable.the advantage to buying a small ac unit is it can be carried along easily anywhere you move. It should work on its own; As with any tent sleeping experience, you will need to consider the airflow and ventilation for your air conditioner.

How hot is the basement? They are light enough that you can clip them to the loops in the roof of your tent, or you can use the included stand plate and put them on the ground so they blow over your body. If you are convinced you want to use a portable model as a tent air conditioner, we’d recommend the black & decker 10,000 btu portable air conditioner.

Campers won't have to worry about modifying tent fabric. Yes, of course, you need an air conditioner in your tent to maintain a proper sleeping atmosphere in your tent.

How to Vent a Portable Air Conditioner Sylvane

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