How To Fish A Crankbait In Spring

How To Fish A Crankbait In Spring

How to fish a small crankbait for early spring bass tying on a small crankbait for a youngster or beginner angler is a good way to keep them preoccupied catching plenty of bass. If i am in a lake with dirtier water like guntersville or chickamauga than i will use a 12lb test line since i am also targeting bigger bass.

Squarebill Crankbaits For Spring Bass Fishing! Bass

You might be searching online for how to fish with crankbait since spring and summer are two prime seasons for crankbait fishing.


How to fish a crankbait in spring. 4 tips to find and catch river bass on crankbaits (spring) by mitch anderson •apr 11, 2021. The easiest way to explain how to fish a lipless crankbait like this is to imagine you are fishing a jig across the bottom. 1) how to fish a crankbait:

River bass in the springtime are a sucker for squarebill crankbaits as they stage and slowly make their way toward spawning locations. You should always have a crankbait tied on in the spring. here is your road map to scoring with crankers throughout the spring. When the fish start to venture from their deep winter hideaways towards shallow water they’ll be extremely susceptible to shallow water crankbaits.

A couple of retrieves work well in the spring: Knowing how to use different crankbaits to match conditions will help you catch way more fish this spring. Try a tropical shad with some chartreuse and light blue.

But that same small crankbait can also work for you when conditions are tough in late winter and early spring. A traditional bottom bouncing jig retrieve is to pop the lure off the lake bed a couple of feet and then let it drop back to the bottom. There are three times of the year (spring, summer, and fall) when a crankbait is really effective and it can be good any time of the year except during the two or three weeks when the fish are spawning.

Virtually every company in bass fishing makes a squarebill crankbait but they are not created equal! Early spring hybrid striper fishing knucklehead spinner. Custom painting a blue gill crankbait shad bait fishing.

It's more than just looks so come along as we dive into the details that make all the difference with square bills. If i am in a clear lake i will use a 10lb test. This is a no brainer.

Crankenstein wants you to catch more bass and offered his top three spring crankbaits you need to have tied on right now. Choices for seasons and conditions time of the year probably has more to do with lure selection more than anything. Something translucent with a black back will do this while also providing a nice shadow for the bass to see.

If the bait snags in the grass, jones pauses to let it back up and float out of trouble. When fishing a crankbait you want to fish berkley vanish fluorocarbon because it is very easy casting. A red lipless crankbait really hits the mark for a crawfish.

Later in the spring try the sneaky blue shad or mellow yellow shad are good for these conditions. Strike king kvd hc squarebill 1.5 if vandam were forced to choose a single crankbait for springtime fishing, it would hands down be the strike king kvd 1.5 squarebill. Brandon palaniuk has enjoyed a great deal of success in his early career, with many of his heavy limits.

A red crankbait used with a fast retrieve will dive. The profile and movement of a lipless crankbait looks like several prey species. Crankbait fishing is a phenomenal way to catch big bass throughout the early spring.

Bass are going to hit on this as crawfish, shad, or bluegill. But that same small crankbait can also work for you when conditions are tough in late winter and early spring. So ideally, you’re using your lipless crankbait in fall or spring.

A fire tiger hue works best when cranking downsized baits in stained to muddy water. Crankbaits can be one of the most effective types of fishing lures to use because they allow you to cover a large area of water in short amount of time. Spring crankbait fishing success clues … here are a five specific pointers to assist in selecting the right crankbait style for early spring bass fishing:

Professional bass angler bob downey provides excellent insight on finding prespawn river bass and how to trigger them. This is exactly the type of presentation that is so effective with a lipless crankbait. Later in the spring, as shad and other bass forage grow larger, jones upsizes to an xcs200 square bill.

Jones' favorite squarebill in early spring is xcalibur's xcs100 crankbait. You can probably squeeze into early spring and late fall. A fire tiger hue works best when cranking downsized baits in stained to muddy water.

Anyone, even beginners, pull this one off. This difference in design is to allow for optimum performance in specific depth ranges, and covering all depth ranges you could intend to fish in almost all cases. How to fish a crankbait in spring.

Crankbait fishing is easily one of the best producing lures during the early spring and late winter. When the fish start to venture to warmer, shallower water to shake off the chill of the winter, they become especially susceptible to smaller crankbaits.

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